Common Scenarios Before And After Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is beneficial for a lot of people. It can help enhance the appearance. It can correct deformed breast. It can reconstruct breast which has been removed. Therefore, people especially women would often consider breast augmentation. If you are considering breast augmentation, here are the common scenario which could occur before and after your surgery.

1.            Consultation - You will have not a breast augmentation procedure the moment you visit a clinic or hospital. It starts with consultation. You can ask a doctor or tummy tuck orange county surgeon on the different details you want to know about breast augmentation. There is also a physical checkup to determine if you are fit to undergo a breast augmentation procedure.

2.            No vices - If you are drinking or smoking, you must be prepared to stop your vice prior to the procedure. Some doctors would recommend you to stop drinking or smoking weeks before the procedure.

3.            Strict diet - You also need to observe a strict diet. The doctor will inform you about the different food and drinks you can have and those which you are not allowed to have prior to your surgery. Some of your favorite food or drinks might be included in the list of those which you have to avoid.

4.            No medicine intake - Orange county tummy tuck Doctors could either ask you to stop taking all kinds of medicine or certain drugs prior to your breast augmentation procedure. You might need to consult with your physician who instructed you to take the medicine as it involves your health and it might not be a good idea to stop taking the medicine.

1.            Recovery time - After you undergo the procedure, you will have to take some days or weeks off from work. You need ample time to rest and recover. Make sure to apply for a leave from work so you will not be fired from your job or forced to go to work while still recovering from the procedure.

2.            Bruises or swelling could be present - There could be bruises or swelling in or around your breast. This is a normal scenario as your breast could be sore for weeks after the procedure.

3.            Scars heal over time - There would be surgical scars on your breast. Do not worry as the scars will heal as you recover. You might need to consult your physician in case some scars show no sign of healing.

4.            Minimum physical activities only - You cannot perform your regular physical activities after the procedure. It will take weeks before you can do so. You also need the approval of your physician. There are minimum physical activities which you can do after the procedure.

5.            Scheduled visit to the surgeon - You will still be seeing your surgeon until you are cleared or completely recovered. This is to ensure that your condition is monitored and no complications would arise.

Now you can be ready to have a breast augmentation procedure.